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Weight Loss by Pesto.

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Pesto played a huge role in learning how to enjoy food while losing weight.

I toyed around with a ton of titles for this blog post. At first I thought, "Pesto Summer" as a play on "Hot Girl Summer." Then I thought of "Body by Pesto." I settled on "Weight Loss by Pesto" because I think it's the most fitting. When I was losing my weight, pesto became my new best friend.

It is delicious, easy to make, can be added to ton of different vegetables and proteins to make a more substantial and satisfying meal, and of course, it's on Protocol. So when I was losing my weight, I ate a lot of pesto, because I really enjoyed it.

I make a TON of pesto in the Summer. I always prefer homemade pesto over store bought.

This Summer I have 7 basil plants, I’m not even joking.

Pesto is easy, delicious, filling, super versatile on vegetables and proteins, and it’s on protocol.

I am not a fancy pesto person… This is how I roll…

I fill my ninja individual serving cup (the one I use for smoothies) with about 2 cups of basil, ½ cup pine nuts (I did this with cashews as well when I couldn’t find pine nuts and I also enjoyed it), ½ cup parmesan cheese, a tablespoon of minced garlic, salt, and ⅓ cup olive oil. Pulse until combined but still with a coarse texture.

*Tip* if you've found your pesto to be over processed and more smooth than you would like once all of the basil and garlic is blended, simple add in a few more pine nuts and a bit more parmesan cheese and pulse until your pesto is a nice course consistency.

You guys know I don’t measure anything and don’t recommend measuring anything except the heavy whipping cream in your coffee if you are insulin fasting, nuts, and nut butter… so these are all truly rough estimates, I just put the stuff in there lol.

I usually make enough for a couple of meals for the week then freeze the rest.

I use these ice block molds which I’m pretty sure are intended for whiskey, freeze, then pop into a freezer bag to keep for the Fall when my basil craps out and I can’t make more.

Ways I enjoy pesto:

Tossed with roasted potatoes along with Brussels sprouts or/green beans

On a caprese salad

On grilled chicken or shrimp.

Usually you will see me at the pool with a container of roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts , and pesto or a pesto caprese salad packed for dinner in the evening.

If your kid is skeptical, you could always try pesto on bowtie pasta along with diced tomatoes to get them warmed up to the idea.

Spoiler alert, my kid is still skeptical.

If you are looking for more guidance and support, we love helping people with this! Let's connect on a free discovery session. Link this link to find a time that works for you. ❤️

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