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My Protocol for Weight Loss

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

How to eat so you can make it simple to lose weight and keep it off forever. This is my protocol video series to get you started.

Food is one small piece of the weight loss puzzle. You know this.

Regardless, if you want to lose weight and keep it off forever, a long term change to the way you eat needs to be implemented.

Not a diet, not something you do temporarily until you get the weight off and then go back to your old way of eating. That doesn't make sense. If you can't keep eating the way that allowed you to lose weight, do you really think the weight will stay off indefinitely?

If you are sick of being on and off diets, what you need is a protocol: a way of eating that will serve you for the long term.

It's super simple.

It involves making a choice to take a break from sugar and flour and decide to deliberately eat those things as a "joy eat" once a week while you are losing weight. The frequency of these items can be adjusted while you are in maintenance.

Here's why.

Fat isn't the problem. Carbs aren't the problem.

Insulin is the problem my friends. Insulin is our enemy when it comes to weight loss. Your insulin spikes every time you eat, but it really gets up there when you eat sugar and flour.

When your insulin is high, you are in storage mode, and when you are in storage mode, you can't tap your fat for energy to lose weight.

So our #1 goal is to keep your insulin as low as possible, and spike infrequently as possible, so you can lose weight.

When you eat a lot of sugar and flour it makes it hard to lose weight for other reasons as well.

You have sugar crashes, sugar withdrawal and cravings, you might be insulin resistant which not only makes it hard to lose weight, but also hard to properly listen to your body to tell you if you are truly hungry or satisfied.

When you eat a lot of sugar and flour, foods that our bodies are not designed to consume with the frequency and quantity we have been accustomed to, your other hormones are completely off and your brain is completely disconnected from your body.

I know because I was there. I could eat half a pizza or a sleeve of thin mints have no signals from my body saying, "hey, I'm full, you can stop eating now." Nothing. It would have no effect on me what-so-ever.

It was wild, and it made no sense to me at the time. I just thought I was hungry. After learning more about how my body works, no wonder it was so hard to lose weight and keep it off with these things in my diet.

In the video series below, I teach the framework and the science behind the protocol implement with my clients in much more detail so you can better understand why I am so passionate about adopting this way of eating for the long term and why it makes it so easy to lose weight and keep it off.

I work with my clients 1:1 to help them make a specific plan that they will not only enjoy, but will be easy to implement in their lives. If you need help, check out my Pinterest Boards for my go-to meals and grocery items to help make staying on protocol a super easy.

Check out next week's Podcast on the protocol nuances you might be wondering about, titled "But What About....?"

The Protocol Part 1: The Way You Live Your Life.
The Protocol Part 2 Video: Insulin Reduction and Overdesire.

The Protocol Part 3 Video: Eating More Fat. Yes. I said More.

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