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On Protocol "Frosty"

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

It's not exactly a frosty, but it's pretty darn close... see below.

  • Take a *frozen banana,* two scoops of chocolate protein powder, a big spoonful of creamy almond butter, and a splash of unsweetened chocolate almond milk, blend and enjoy.

  • The ingredients I used are pictured below.

  • I like the OWYN brand for protein powder because it is plant based.

  • Yes it has real sugar (not much) and is sweetened with monk fruit, *but* they also don't have monk fruit with erythritol... read more on the dangers of erythritol here.

You might be wondering....

How do I avoid a big glucose and insulin spike and taking a ride on the glucose rollercoaster while drinking smoothies? Great question!

Now here is the thing.... I love smoothies, chia pudding, chia mousse.... all of the things that involve blending fruit. Remember that blending fruit strips it of it's protective fiber that helps to blunt your blood sugar response to fructose. Adding fat and protein is certainly helpful in blunting that response somewhat...


To avoid a BIG glucose spike and BIG insulin spike, and the subsequent crash that goes with it, I always eat some sort of vegetable with fat or protein BEFORE I enjoy anything like this to blunt that blood sugar response. Something like your favorite vegetable and hummus will do the trick.

If you are trying to figure out what that might look like for you, check out my podcast all about Vegetables here.

Next question...

How do I make smoothies more filling? Besides adding fat and protein, I love using *frozen* fruit. It creates a texture and thickness that is so appealing, just like the frosty consistency with this smoothie recipe.


How do I make smoothies more satisfying? The taste, fat, protein, consistency, and temperature of this smoothie are spot on. To enjoy them even more... eat this with a *Spoon.* The act of eating a meal with utensil will help prolong the meal and enjoy each bite rather than sucking it down in a few sips with a straw.

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