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Throw A Perfect Pitch With Life Coaching

I get asked a lot what a Life Coach is. It’s somewhat new, understandably. I have a few single sentence descriptions, but this explanation hits it out of the park.

I have tried therapy several times at different stages of my life, with different therapist, using different approaches & tools, regarding different topics.

It was the first time in my adult life I really started to become aware of why I was the way I was. Flashing a light toward my thoughts and feelings on certain situations or circumstances really made me start to look inward.

After that, I never stopped. I tried to understand everything. I finally felt heard and understood sometimes, validated.

But then what? What was I going to do with all this information? I didn’t know what to do with it to become the person I wanted to be.

My 7th year of nursing was when I really got fed up with never feeling like I was helping people. The only way I know how to describe it is this: I was there to catch a bad pitch.

The mental health crises for people who were never taught how process, understand, and handle feelings – I was there too!

Medical issues that could have been avoided – again, me too!

The injuries from domestic violence, both family and romantic relationships – I can’t say injuries but definitely felt stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship.

I wanted to find a way to put my foot in the door and stop it. Fix the way the pitch is thrown, aka how your mind works navigating through life.

I tried my best to make time for the patients I thought would benefit from someone taking the extra time to sit down next to them, listen, help them feel heard, and do my best to give whatever support I could. With hope in my heart something would click for them knowing that was the only time I’ll be able to be there for them.

When Life Coaching crossed my path I realized that this is what’s been missing.

I believe this is what makes Life Coaching different. We help how your mind works as you’re navigating through life. We not only surface patterns and thoughts, but how to move past it and propel forward - shoot for the stars.

We are definitely not a replacement to therapy. There a ton of things therapist do that we do not do.

However, we do attempt to prevent disease by helping you understand and change your relationship with food forever.

We try to prevent illness by helping you understand and change your relationship with exercise, movement, and your body.

We try to better your mental state by helping you understand the human brain and create thoughts and feelings that serve you.

We help you create better relationships (family, work, romantic) by showing you your mind -- your thoughts about yourself, other people, and expectations – to give you a result you really desire.

We help people feel better, where the outside world can’t mess with your internal mind because you have all the practices, tools, and drills you need to make it happen. How to strike out all challengers, because you mastered how to throw a pitch no one can touch.



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