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Summer Peach and Tomato Salad Recipe

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Weight loss made easy with this seasonal meal that could work lunch by the pool or a nice picnic dinner.

My Favorite Summer Salad

When you adapt this style of eating, your brain doesn’t just automatically go to, “yes! I love not eating sugar and flour” with jazz hands. 🤣

I resisted the idea for a while. I also knew that whatever methods I was using to try and maintain my weight were not sustainable for my lifestyle and not giving me the results I wanted long term. 😬

Adapting this lifestyle was a process.

At first I defaulted to old “diet” foods I knew fit the bill. Aka shredded chicken breasts, hard boiled eggs, and steamed vegetables.

That got old fast.

Then I started experimenting. I did a little research and started trying new things. I found recipes I loved and were easy and tossed recipes that were complicated and took too much time.

I got good at making those things. I got good at shopping for ingredients and preparing those things. Making delicious and easy food and planning for it became second nature. Finding “on protocol” things when I went out to eat became easy… But it took some practice, and intentional thinking and planning.

Now I have an entire Pinterest board of foods that I love and align with my protocol for weight loss and maintenance. I have also learned to make variations of those things with seasonal ingredients. I love sharing them with you to help you understand how easy and delicious it can be to adopt this style of eating. My clients all see how much freedom it gives them, how delicious the food is, and the long term benefit of easy and maintainable weight loss!

This is the BEST Salad in the Summer and it’s so easy. I made it two days ahead of time to pack for an easy poolside dinner this week.

This is my recipe for you… and you know me, I hate measuring so I’m not suggesting you break out a measuring cup, just eyeball these ingredients and combine them in a bowl for immediate serving or in a container for later use.

  • 2 Large Peaches vs 3 Medium Peaches sliced into bite size pieces

  • Halved cherry tomatoes in equal volume to peaches (Or whatever tomatoes you have ready)

  • ¼ (about) cup crumbled Feta Cheese

  • ¼ (about) of a thinly sliced red onion.

  • A few thinly sliced basil leaves.


  • Equal parts apple cider vinegar and olive oil, I use about three tablespoons each, and a few cranks of salt and pepper.

Combine with contents of the salad for immediate serving or save in a separate container and combine later when serving.

Listen friends, this is just one piece of the puzzle. Reducing your desire by taking a break from sugar and flour will help will help get your dopamine back to normal levels and your insulin leveled out. No doubt you can stop eating sugar and flour and lose weight, but it does not address the over desire you have for food that creates the action of eating when you aren't hungry and overeating when you are already satisfied that is giving you the results you currently have. That my friends, is what we do in coaching. 😉

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