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Signs of Emotional Eating

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Emotional desire for food can seem like actual hunger however, there are some key behaviors that will help you differentiate between the two.

-The desire comes out of nowhere. One minute food wasn’t on your mind, the next minute you NEED to have it. Biological hunger occurs slowly, and will wax and wane as time continues.

-It seems urgent. Nothing else is more important than you eating. It can even feel like impending doom.

-You feel like you’re not able to stop yourself. Like a different version of yourself took control and the well intended version can’t reclaim it.

-Only that particular food(s) will “fix” the desire you have.

-You’re shoveling it down, probably thinking about the circumstance that triggered the thought and emotion that resulted in the emotional eating rather than being present in the actual process of eating.

-Similar to above, if you’re not chewing fully, taking your time, and savoring the flavors, it’s probably emotional eating. I do know some days (maybe most) your meal breaks are either nonexistent or short. Trying to get a few quick bites in here and there happens. But even those moments take a deep breath before and enjoy that moment.

-If you eat until you’re getting uncomfortably full, it could be emotional eating. Like a ringing wine glass, the more wine poured in the glass, the lower the ringing pitch is. We silence emotions with food and now is replaced with the feeling of being overfull.

-Emotional eating doesn’t just come from negative emotions. Sometimes we like to add a cherry on top of positive emotions like excitement, joy, or happiness with food.

It’s crucial to know how your mind, energy, and body react differently to emotional hunger, sugar withdrawal, and biological hunger. I promise you most of the time it’s probably not true hunger.

I’ve experienced all of the above over and over and over again for years. I told myself I had no willpower or discipline and that was just my personality. I felt disappointed, confused, worried, even depressed at times. I didn’t know what to do to stop. Through the practices I teach, I was able to FINALLY regain control over time. Your brain is all you need to do it. Really. No app, points, nothing.

I can help you if this sounds like you and want to regain control. Click here and book your free consult!



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