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Preparing Your Weight Loss

Have healthy options you WANT waiting for you by preparing.

I used to eat so crappy in the morning because I:

1) Never planned ahead of what I was going to be eating for breakfast. Leaving it up to what happens, happens. I ended up in the Starbucks drive-thru getting whatever I wanted that morning.

2) Was so tired in the morning so making something from scratch was NOT going to fly with me.

3) I waited till the last minute to wake so I could squeeze in every last minute of sleep I could get because I was so tired = hoping there was some kind of delicious treat or stiff Panera bagels & cream cheese in the break room.

Be your friend and help a sista out.

-Plan ahead and have breakfast ready for you to grab & go. The blog section of the website has a bunch of quick, fast, easy to make breakfast ideas like delicious overnight oats. I love a breakfast casserole filled with vegetables and feta or goat cheese!

-Figure out what you’ll look forward to eating so you don’t skip it for a caramel macchiato!

-Make enough for the next few days to spend less of your precious time in the kitchen. I know however, leftovers after several days can be unappealing so make sure you don’t expect yourself to eat it after a few days if you know you have the pattern of skipping it for something that is not going to serve you.

-Pre portion if it’s easier.

If you’re worried you aren’t going to be successful, then set yourself up for success. This saying is SO true - “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. If you want this, do things that are going to make it EASIER for you. ❤️

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