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Crispy Tofu + BBQ Chickpeas & Tahini Dressing

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Don't be afraid to experiment with new flavors. Testing ingredients should be fun and exciting!

Recipes are just guidelines!! You can swap out, omit, or add any ingredient you want to make it what you want.

I made a version of this “Crispy Roasted Potato Salad with BBQ Chickpeas” recipe from the Weight Loss by Brittany Pinterest page and it was amaazzziiiinnggg!!

I swapped out the potatoes for crispy tofu. Potatoes are on protocol but personally I don’t care for them. I also wanted to add protein. Tofu isn’t my typical go to but I wanted to try something out of my norm and switch it up. Two super easy no flour/starch crispy tofu recipes are below 🙂

Most BBQ sauces you see on the shelf have tons of sugar dumped right in to them. Instead, try one of Primal Kitchen’s no sugar added BBQ sauces.

The fiber from the broccoli & chickpeas, protein from tofu, and fat from the tamari made this satiating with a low glycemic index.



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Recipe links:

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